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Something for Seniors

Seniors want to remain socially connected and engaged no matter where they live. Most report having a good network of friends and family; however, approximately one-quarter live alone and say they sometimes feel isolated. Seniors who migrate from the Caribbean or other countries often arrive in Canada at a later stage in life. As such, many become dependent on their working children for support, companionship and social engagement. Though many have access to community services, while these services may offer communal programs, many black and visible minority seniors may find these programs lack cultural relevance. Seniors who engage in daily activities ― social, community, physical and intellectual ― report being happy, engaged, confident and optimistic; however, many would prefer the comfort and familiarity of being around people with whom they share common cultural practices.  Through CARE we will engage those seniors in our community by way of:

  • Senior Drop-in programs

  • Senior Peer Support groups 

  • Job / Volunteer readiness programs

  • Supports offered to visible minority seniors in nursing homes / shelters 

  • Senior Recreation and community outings 

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