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Youth Engagement Strategies

Engaging visible minority youth in the community is the goal of C.A.R.E.  As such we strive to develop an understanding of youth, and how to best engage them in planning, recruit them for participation in programming, and maintain their participation.  C.A.R.E will achieve this by focusing on methods that best support this under-represented youth population who face barriers such as low-literacy, poverty, language barriers, high unemployment, justice issues and low educational attainment.


C.A.R.E will work with community partners to provide the following resources and opportunities for youth engagement:

  • Sports and Recreational Programming

  • Youth Engagement and Mentoring Initiatives

  • Youth Employment Supports 

  • Youth drop-in programs 

  • Partnership with local youth shelters

  • Youth counseling programs

  • Collaboration with Police to engage youth involved in youth justice and substance abuse 

  • Scholarship Program

  • After school and weekend programs

  • Partnering with area schools to provide after school tutoring and meal program

  • Academic level mentor-ship and tutoring

  • Music and Arts Training/ Seminars

  • Talent competitions

  • Spelling Bee Competitions

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